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"Lakes & Plains Region includes the states of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota." Black Campus Ministry (BCM)" InterVarsity in the Lakes and Plains Region is a part of the BCM community nationally and InterVarsity as a whole. The vision is to see students meet, encounter, and be transformed by Jesus ​in deep and personal always. To see students connect with other black communities in a way that is transparent, authentic, and uplifting. To see students leave with a vision to bring transformation and revival to other black students by planting witnessing communities on their campuses.Β Β 

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Design Process


Who is it for?

The website is focused on users who are college students in the states of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota.

What do they expect?

Information on deadlines, event schedule, contact information, registration links, registration information and deadlines, important location information, event speaker information and worship leader information.

What is the primary aim of the site?

The site's primary aim is to inform students with easily accessible information about the conference.

What are the branding requirements?

The website is expected to convey the brand's core message. InterVarsity is the largest campus ministry focused exclusively on reaching US college students and faculty with the real hope of Jesus. Our values and priorities can be summed up in five essential attributes:

  • Biblical
  • Collegiate
  • Diverse
  • Holistic
  • Missional

Scope Definition

Project Objectives

Design a fully responsive website with detailed information to help speed up the process of user registration. The project start date is 11.31.19 and the end date is 12.31.19.

Project Deliverable's

The website will be developed and hosted on webflow with fully customized elements that can be updated easily to serve the user's needs.

Schedule Milestones

The project will have achieved 1/2 of its deliverable's within the second week of a one month project.

Project Constraints

Due to the remote working conditions of both client, stakeholders, and designer. There is a possibility of the project going beyond the agreed-upon deadline.

Wireframe Creation

Website sketch wireframes


Website Sitemap

Color Palette

Website Color Palette


Website Typography


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