Hopfinger Chiropractic

Hopfinger Chiropractic uses a variety of chiropractic techniques  such as Cox Flexion Distraction, Ultrasound Therapy and ESTIM Therapy. Dr. Hopfinger also focuses on sports chiropractic care and is a registered provider of Standard Process West Nutritional Supplements.

Hopfinger Chiropractic
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Design Process


Who is it for?

The website is focused on users between the ages of 18 to 70 years old.

What do they expect?

Contact information, directions, business hours, services offered, costs, and appointment scheduling.

What is the primary aim of the site?

The site's primary aim is to provide users accessible information about the business.

What are the branding requirements?

The client does not have branding requirements and due to the limited budget the designer will provide a suggested style guide for the project.

Scope Definition

Project Objectives

Design a fully responsive website with detailed information on each of the services provided, and provide a better contact experience for users.

Project Deliverables

The website will be developed and hosted on webflow with fully customizable elements that can be updated easily to serve the user's needs.

Schedule Milestones

The project will have achieved 1/2 of its deliverables within the second week of a one month project.

Project Constraints

Due to the busy nature of the client's work schedule, efforts to get quick feedback and access to the requested content will possibly cause the project end date to be extended.

Wireframe Creation

Website sketch wireframes


Website Sitemap

Color Palette

Website Color Palette


Website Typography


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