Christopher Owusu

Freelance Graphic Designer & Web Designer

About Me

A flexible and time conscious designer who is passionate about telling stories and having empathy for people. Specialize in Web design and graphic design with a design process focused on creating a functional design, problem analysis, critical thinking, strong communication, teamwork, attention to detail, and willingness to learn from others.


Critical thinking
Web design
Mobile app design
UI design
Brand strategy
Brand identity
InVision Studio image of portfolio work

Updating my Portfolio Website

Building and developing with InVision Studio and Webflow

Matti's Logo Challenge

Design  a logo/word mark for Matti Haapoja's brand

Creative Direction

Represents Matti, his channel, and his skill set
Could be a symbol, initials, combination, or something different altogether.

Potential Use

Including but not limited to Website Header
YouTube Header
Twitter Header
Merch and other future promotion
Matti Haapoja

uI Case Study - Website

Design was inspired by a small boutique business in my town. The challenge was to clearly convey the core message it was trying to achieve.

Creative Direction

Design clear call to actions to help users make quick decisions.

Proudly Built & Hosted with Webflow.
Photo by: Christopher Owusu
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Christopher Owusu - Sioux Falls SD

Freelance Web Designer

Get noticed and heard through functional design.

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My Process.


We will explore some questions to help clarify what your needs are.

Scope Definition

Mapping out the projects time frame with its individual milestones.


This is were I turn all our ideas into visual assets and create a solution to the project.

Test and launch

We will review and make sure the project goals are achieved before launching.


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